Senin, 25 Juli 2011

AntiARP 6.0.2 terbaru + Patch terbaru

Bagi sobat yang nyari update dari antiarp ini, kini tlah ada versi terbaru gan...
untuk sebelumnya gan.. software ini hanya work di semua windows kecuali windows 7.. jadi sabar aja yah tunggu providernya ngebuat untuk windows 7.. :) hehehehehe.. OK
antiarp merupakan tolls yang berfungsi sebagai alat untuk mencegah serangan dari hacker, net cut, dan kegiatan yang berbasis MENGHACK,,,, Mungkin tolls ini bermanfaat bagi sobat bloger yang ingin lancar berseluncur didunia maya...

Download AntiARP 6.02 Full Versi + patch

AntiARP's edition

The AntiARP can be subdivided into two editions: the Personal Edition and the Server Edition.
These two editions use the same installation program and after the installation the it will automatically identify which edition has been installed according to the operating system edition. The detailed difference of these two editions are as follows: (the table below only lists the different functional modules of these two editions)
Function Module
Personal Edition
Server Edition
Support Windows 2000 Pro
Support Windows XP Home/Pro
Support Windows Vista
Support Windows 2000 Server

Support Windows 2000 Adv Server

Support Windows 2003

Run as service

Alert via send email

Alert via open a url

Alert via run a program


The main features of AntiARP:

1. Intercept incoming ARP attack. Intercept incoming spurious ARP packets in OS kernel to protect system to ensure a correct local ARP cache table.
2. Intercept outgoing ARP attack. Intercept outgoing spurious ARP packets in OS kernel to reduce localhost's attacking others after affecting malicious programs.
3. Intercept IP conflict. Intercept ARP packets of Ip conflict in OS kernel to protect system from attack of IP conflict.
4. Active defence. Actively keep communication with gateway and send the correct MAC address to gateway to keep smooth internet connection and communication security.
Besides main features, there are AntiARP's assistant features which will help in the use of main features. They are:
1. Intelligent Defense. Can detect and react to the condition when only the gateway is being ARP spoofed.
2. Trusted Route Monitor. Can detect and react to condition when only the gateway is being ARP spoofed.
3. ARP viruses cleaner. Can locate the local viruses when the localhost has outgoing ARP attacks.
4. Prevent Dos attack. Intercept outgoing spurious DoS data packet of TCP SYN/UDP/ICMP/ARP in OS kernel, note the position of programs which send Dos attack maliciously, and ensure smooth internet connection.
5. Safety mode. Never response ARP request from other machine except gateway to have a hiding effect and reduce ARP attack.
6. ARP flow analysis. Analyze all ARP packets localhost receives, monitor internet and find out potential attacker or infected machine.
7. Monitor ARP cache table. Monitor and repair local ARP cache table automatically. If gateway's MAC address changed by malicious programs is found, alarms will ring and the false address will be fixed automatically.
8. Locate attacker. When the software is aware of attack, it will quickly locate the IP address of attacker.
9. Protect System Time. Prevent the system time from being changed by hostile programs so that to prevent the invalidation of guarding softwares.
10. IE startup page Protection. Prevent IE startup page being changed by hostile programs.
11. ARP cache table protection. Prevent ARP cache table being changed by hostile programs.
12. Self Protection. Prevent AntiARP itself being close by hostile programs.
13. Detect network management software in Local network, like netcut, etc.

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