Selasa, 26 Juli 2011

Smart Hide IP v.2.6.6 + Crack Full Versi

Kali ini , pada kesempatan ini saya share tools kecil tapi nan bermanfaat...... Bagi sobat bloger yang ingin aman berselancar dalam dunia maya, Tak ada salahnya sobat bloger menggunakan menggunakan tool yang kali ini saya share. Smart Hide IP memungkinkan kita menyembunyikan alamat addres IP kita agar kita dapat dengan aman berseluncur di dunia maya dengan aman tanpa gangguan hacker.

Fitures :
As we all know, your IP address contains a lot of online personal information which can be seen or even stolen. There are many ways hackers could gain access to your Internet protocol address. That is why you should look for means to conceal your IP in order to stay safe while enjoying some online activities. And the most common way to protect it is to use hide IP software. Recently, we have found an ideal one that is called Smart Hide IP. After you put it to use, your online privacy will be under protection.
You are able to protect your online privacy via these steps:
1. Make sure that you have already installed Adobe flash player.
2. Download Smart Hide IP from its website list at the end of this article.
3. After finishing the straightforward installation, you will get the following window:
Pic Link-
4. Because of its simple interface, you can easily hide your IP by clicking the Hide IP button. Then your real IP address will be replaced with a fake one promptly. And all your online activities will be anonymous.
Don’t be suspicious. We are quite sure the procedure is that simple. Besides, it is compatible with different browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera. But you should re-install Firefox extensions when applying Smart Hide IP to Firefox.
If you have some extra needs, it will provide you the following features after you purchase it:
1. You can get more high-quality IP addresses.
2. Through clicking “Select Fake Location”, you are able to choose IPs from numerous different countries.
3. You could also set to change your IP address automatically.
Smart Hide IP is an ideal tool which we strongly recommend. With it, you are able to surf anonymously without anyone threatening your privacy. For the sake of your online privacy, you’d better launch it to hide your real IP address.

Download Smart Hide IP v.2.6.6 + Crack Full Versi

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