Minggu, 24 Juli 2011

Eset Smart Security 4.2.71 + TNod Key Finder

ESET Smart Security 4Agan2 sekalian musing cari anti virus yang ringan tapi kuat?? Kini ada solusinya gan. Eset Smart Security 4, update terbaru dari variannya. Gimana penasaran dengan Anti virus yang satu ini? Nih takkasih dah viturnya,,,,

Keunggulan dari Eset Smart Security 4 :

Easy on You

Get superior protection that streamlines your online life through an intuitive interface and minimal alerts.

Free Up System Resources

Rely on a security suite that uses minimum of disk space to free more resources for you to work, play, or connect.

Protect Against the Unknown

Be proactive against future threats with award-winning ThreatSense® technology.

Uncompromising Performance

Built to be fast and effective, ESET solutions deliver ultra-fast scanning speed and incredible detection precision.

Key Features

Take advantage of these powerful Smart Security 4 features and create your own digital safe-zone. 
ThreatSense® Scanning Engine – Realtime protection against a full range of web-based attacks and other threats.
Personal Firewall – Protects your communication channels and data from unauthorized  breaches. Firewall profiles keep you safe as you move among the home network, public Wi-Fi or the office.
Antispam Module – A smart, self-learning filter keeps inboxes free from unsolicited email, an oft-used conduit for malware.
Removable Media Security – Keeps out threats from entering through exchangeable media including CDs and USB devices.
Anti-Stealth Technology – Detects and removes all dangerous rootkits that can hide in your computer.
Energy-Saving Laptop Mode – Saves power by postponing energy-intensive operations when systems are running on battery power.
ESET SysInspector – Provides powerful diagnostic capabilities for your operating system.
ESET SysRescue – Allows to create a rescue CD or USB drive.

Newest Product Highlights

We continually upgrade our solutions to deliver the best in online security, including:
Improved Malware Cleaning – ESET effectively eliminates difficult to clean computer threats.
Trusted Zone Authentication – Identify trusted network zones and  your firewall profile settings switch on the fly as you move between trusted network sites.
Firewall Profiles – Our new Learning Mode saves you time as it automatically creates firewall rules by observing how you use the network.

Experience ESET's Benefits

Simple-to-Install – Smart Security 4 features offer highly customizable settings to precisely fit your needs.
High Performance – high scanning speed combined with low memory demands ensures your computer does not slow you down.
Proactive Protection – industry-leading detection technology detects yet unknown threats to delivers real-time protection from malware.

ESET Smart Security 4

Rely on Time-tested Performance

ESET's protection continues to earn awards from independent benchmark testing groups for three main reasons:
  • Security updates are discretely sent to your computer to ensure a consistently strong line of defense.
  • Disk-intensive operations, such as a full disk scan, all run quietly in the background.
  • Interruptions are minimal – ESET avoids unnecessary pop-ups and alerts, notifying you only about events that require your attention.


System Requirements

Processors supported: Intel or AMD x86-x64
Operating Systems:
  • Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000
Memory: 60 MB
Disk Space (download): 41 MB
Disk Space (installation): 230 MB

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