Senin, 25 Juli 2011

Percepat Internet Agan dengan Throttle Full Patch Keygen

Bagi sobat bloger yang merasa koneksi internetnya tidak stabil, tidak ada salahnya agan sekalian mencoba aplikasi saya ini.  Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut mengenai prodak ,keunggulan dan fitur, nih gan gua kasih....

Throttle can increase your internet connection dramatically and allows you to surf websites and download files much faster. If you are on a Dial-Up connection you may suffer from constant dropped connections, with Throttle this problem can quickly be fixed. Not only does Throttle work with Dial-Up connections but it also works with Cable and DSL connections and can reduce the time it takes to download large music, movies and games from your favorite websites. Increase the speed of your internet connection and improve the stability of your connection by avoiding disconnects and bandwidth congestion.

Throttle works by making permanent modifications to the Windows system registry and system files, these changes affect how your modem interacts with your internet service provider, download faster, play faster and surf the web faster by using Throttle. All settings made by Throttle can be fully reversed, allowing you to fully test the software and make sure it works properly with your computer and modem. The settings made by Throttle work even after you reboot your computer, so you do not have to worry about running Throttle each time you reboot Windows.

Don't pay extra money per month to your internet service provider to get a faster internet connection, download Throttle and increase your internet speed yourself. Why suffer with a slow internet connection and constant disconnects when there is a solution available to improve your internet experience today.

 Features and Benefits of Throttle

  Makes direct changes to the Windows system registry and system files to increase internet download and upload speeds.
  Automatically adjusts internet settings and changes made based on the computer and modem specified by the end-user.
  Works with all modem types - Dial-Up, DSL, ADSL, Cable, ISDN, Satellite, and Mobile Phone internet connections.
  Compatible with the latest versions of Microsoft Windows, including Windows Vista 64-BIT and 32-BIT computers.
  Increases both internet transfer speeds as well as local area network speeds, increase the speed of local area network PC-PC file transfers by using Throttle.
  New and improved modern user interface, easy and intuitive to use and compliant with Windows user interface guidelines.
  Software was entirely developed and built in the United States. Technical support also is based in the United States.
  Try before you buy licensing with dedicated software updates and quality around the clock technical support.

Minimum System Requirements for Throttle :
  1. Microsoft ® Windows 7, XP, Vista, 2000, 2003, 2008
  2. 90 megahertz (MHz) processor or faster
  3. At least 8 megabytes (MB) of RAM
  4. At least 5 megabytes (MB) of available space on the hard disk
  5. Keyboard and a mouse or some other compatible pointing device
  6. Video adapter and monitor with Super VGA (800 x 600) or higher resolution
  7. Fully compatible with 32-BIT and 64-BIT computers

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